Monday, 4 January 2016

Scientific Method

Ask a Question - Choose a topic and ask a main question to find out the unknown.
Assess value of Research-Find out if this research is worth investing in and how it can benefit society.
Do Background Research - Research on ways to conduct the experiment and about the main topic itself.
Construct a Hypothesis - Based on the research collected, make a scientific prediction on what the outcome of the experiment will be.
Seek Funding-Look for investors who are interested in your research.
Test with an Experiment - Conduct the experiment to test out the hypothesis made.
Analyze Data and Draw Conclusions - Look through the data collected from the experiment and compare the hypothesis with the results.
Results Align with Hypothesis - Check if the hypothesis is similar to the outcome of the experiment.
Communicate Results - Compile the research and results of the experiment to come up with a final report.


Hi we are Group B from S2-01. I am Grace (left), together with my research partners, Amadea (center) and Hsien Kit (right). We are doing a research project on an Iodine Clock Reaction for our Investigative Skills in Science module.